Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uh-Oh. Pregnant Again!

Hi All!

Well, it's pretty obvious to me that I am not good at this whole "blogging my life" thing. So much has happened but I just never seem to have the motivation to sit down for a blog recap. This is precisely why I didn't write a memoir! I just don't like to recount my doesn't appeal to me much. (I like reading memoirs, just not writing one.)

So a few little announcements before I tell you about my pregnancy! I was on NPR last weekend, "The People's Pharmacy," and it was lovely. I was very nervous and you can tell in the first few minutes but I eventually hit my stride and go. I have had a great response and am forever grateful to Joe and Terry Graedon for giving me the opportunity to be on national radio!! Now, I'm inspired to make up a cool media packet and shop it around--getting press really helps sell books! Who knew? :)

I will be posting an excerpt from my interview on my website so keep an eye (ear) out for that.

Also, in Sick Girl Speaks Inc. news, I am proud to say I am now officially a member of the Duke Healthcare Patient Advocacy Council! How great that Duke even has a council like that and how great it is that I get to sit on it!!! I feel so fortunate. Life is good.

Ok, speaking of life being good--let's get back to me being pregnant. Well, as you all know, I gave birth in October 2007 to a bouncing baby book by the name of "Sick Girl Speaks!" Like so many Moms, I have been fretting about making sure my child gets the attention it deserves and the love it needs to grow. I am still tired from giving birth and raising my little baby who is growing into a fine little toddler. Being a Mom is exhausting!

But, like so many Moms, I just discovered this morning that I'm pregnant again--and so soon after the birth of my last child! Oops! Oh well, hopefully there's enough of me to go around!! :)

I have a new book in my mind, my guts and my soul. It has been slowly emerging through all that I have been doing and learning these last few months but it just became fertilized after a conversation I had yesterday. (So, I suppose if I don't want to get pregnant again after this, I should abstain from conversations as that seems to be one of the major ways I get pregnant with book children!)

So "Sick Girl Speaks" is about the medical system primarily and navigating the medical and emotional mazes. This new baby is about the individual and family systems. It's already got a name: "Victimized: Illness and the Stories We Tell Ourselves."

This theme of Empowerment vs. Victimization or Healing vs Curing--these are big themes that keep popping up over and over. The stories we tell ourselves and the stories that we are told from others have a major impact on how we will cope with diagnosis, chronic illness, serious illness, death and grief. I will tell my story but I will also be telling a lot of other people's stories.

I see the format being very similar to that of "Sick Girl Speaks!" You know what that means, don't you? Yep. I'm back bloggers!!! I'm blogging a book again!!!! Yea! I am so excited!

I can't wait to get started. I'll also be looking for stories from you guys. Up for it?
My self-determined deadline is October 15, 2008. I'll give birth right around the same time as last year!!

Victimized: Illness and the Stories We Tell Ourselves....
Like it????


Femail doc said...

I check in now and then at Amazon about your book's ranking, and you are phenomenally rising through the ranks in popularity. I can hardly wait to hold your new baby.

I was telling my daughter today about a book idea I had, and the notion that I should blog it first, and she said "Yeah, isn't that just what the lung transplant woman did?" And what a good format to assemble your new creation. Bring it on!

Jill Mertens said...

You go, girl!

Al Diaz said...


Congrats and much success!

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

nmeier22 said...

I have not heard of you before today but I must say that I am very excited to get ahold of these books. I am a 20 year old female living with CF your story has brought me much faith. It's nice to hear an insirping story.

Cindy said...

OK so this is and old post you may not check the comments on, but I have to say: this post made me laugh so hard I almost spit water over my computer - have you ever read "Till We Have Faces" by CS Lewis? At one point the protaganist says "I was with book as other women are with child..."