Sunday, April 4, 2010


I believe in the timing of the universe.

I believe in the fog that keeps me from seeing the horizon.

I believe in the sun that makes me squint my eyes.

I believe in the distraction that hits me when I am attached to concentration.

I believe in the creativity that comes when I feel empty of ideas.

I believe in the interruption that stops me in the middle of great progress.

I believe in the progress that blinds me to what matters in life.

I believe in the open parking space in a sea of cars.

I believe in the unexpected traffic jam when I am in a hurry.

I believe in the serious illness that hits just when my life has begun.

I believe in the second, third and fourth chance when I knew time had run out.

I believe in the love that wanders up just when I thought I was alone.

I believe in the loss of the person I thought was my forever.

I believe in the search for myself that ends with appreciation for others.

I believe in the friend who I never knew I needed until the gales of laughter.

I believe in the life that began so small and turned into endless possibilities.

I believe in the death that will come just when I have played my part.

I trust. I trust that there is no "good" and there is no "bad." I trust all of it is a part of this learning we call living. I trust that my heartaches teach me more about the joys. I trust that my joys will lead me to greater risks, bigger losses. I trust in the timing of the universe. I know I may not understand, but I trust.

I trust in the tears that come with the losses. I trust in the anger that comes when life seem too cruel to bear. I trust in the joy I feel when things "go my way." To trust does not mean to not experience the consequences of the timing of the universe. I trust that my reactions too are all a part of the timing.

Trust is my connection to The Divine.


CowTown said...

Love it! I'm so glad you're writing again on here.

Jen! said...

Wow - beautifully worded. Life is hard but good. :)