Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Time for a Medical Revolution

What is a revolution? It is when people finally realize that the system isn’t working and isn’t going to change on its own. It’s when enough people share their experiences and decide that things should be different. It’s when the people ban together and work to protect themselves and take a stand for what they believe. The Medical Revolution is not going to begin with the Doctors, Nurses or hospitals. The only way for us to change the way we are cared for, is to change the way we approach our health care. The Medical Revolution is not a banding together of a group carrying signs and marching on Washington. We’re all too sick for marching, right?

This revolution is one by one, patient by patient. The more you know about the things to expect, the ways to navigate yourself and the tactics to try, the better off you will be stepping over the threshold into the world of Medicine. If enough patients and private caregivers demand the respect, organization and consideration they deserve when under medical care, eventually the system will have to adopt policies to ensure these new demands are being met. It will simply be too difficult to deal with a hospital full of squeaky wheels!

This is not a blog about politics but it is a book about the beginning of a Revolution.

It is my hope that my candid disclosure of many different aspects of my illness experience will give medical professionals a different outlook on the patient perspective. That is one class that is not taught in med school but needs to be.

May all of my experiences serve to help others navigate around similar obstacles.

I send healing and peace out to all of those struggling down the path of illness.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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