Thursday, July 5, 2007

I need your help!

You know how books have quotes on the back cover telling why people liked the work and why you should read it? I need some of those!

If you would be willing to write one to three sentences on why you think this book is worth while, that would be so awesome!

I'll need to use your name, your title and your city and state. I'm looking for doctors, nurses, family/friend caregivers and patients.

Oh yea, if I use your quote, I'll send you one of the first copies, hot off the presses, for free. Thank you!!!


Femail doc said...

Count me in! I need my personal copy autographed, however.

Midlife Midwife said...

Count me in too! I can hardly wait for that first book to come off the presses.

OB Doctor said...

I would be very interested in this although I would like to see the final version of the book before I provide a quote about it.

Tif said...

OB Doc:
Do you want me to send you a draft in Word?
If so, can I get your email?

Thanks for all your help, everybody!!
I'll be happy to autograph the copies with your quotes, as per femail doc! :)

Femail doc said...

I too would provide a better quote if I read the draft first.


Tif said...

I am happy to send anyone the rough draft for the purpose of a review.
Please send me your email so I can do so. Mine is: I will send you the draft in a big ole Word document.
Thanks again!!

Maria said...

If the book is like the blog it is an incredible support tool and a must read for anyone facing a transplant as well as their families....THANK YOU for sharing your experiences and God Bless! John and Maria Babin, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

42day said...

Id be honored.
But Im holding you to that autographed copy. :)