Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crazy Emily

After my second transplant, I decided I wanted to fulfill one of my life's dreams--to be a mommy. To a dog, that is. I am a proud dog Mom to one white Whippet. I also have a wonderful step-dog named Buddy.

When I was searching for my new dog/baby, I wanted one that would be very sweet and laid back. From my research, I decided a Whippet would likely fit my lifestyle and my temperament preferences. (I really wanted to avoid high energy dogs--I'm too lazy for that!)

I found Emily at a local Whippet Rescue and took her home. Rather than go into details on how she differs from the above description, I'll let this video speaks for itself!

Before anyone gets upset and writes me that we abuse our dog--please be assured that Emmy loves to play like this! She is usually the initiator!

I hope you find this as funny as we do around our house!!


Femail doc said...

After my laid-back lhasa apso died, I vowed to find another second hand dog with an equally mellow disposition. My husband is not fond of any dogs, so a pooch with a low profile is better for us.

Under my daughter's influence, I brought home a Yorkie puppy. She (the dog, not the daughter) was as tense as one would expect from that breed; I got what I bought.

Needless to say, I found another, more suitable home for this highstrung, anxious girl within a year. And I gave up on dogs.

I'm glad you were able to accomodate Emily's quirks. Whippets and greyhounds are supposed to be real couch potatoes; Emily apparently didn't get the e-mail on that.

gina said...

My Tuffy (chihuahua) plays the same way. Cute video!