Sunday, May 13, 2007


I have been thinking a lot about the format of my book. It lacks flow and an easily understandable angle. It's a mish-mash of journals, letters and my example 1, example 2, verdict format. I am thinking about, as I edit next month, transforming the latter to be a diary entry from that time in my life. It would be technically inaccurate, as I did not write a journal entry that day ( I was too busy living it!) but I could explain that in my introduction. I'm thinking about calling it "Sick World Diaries; Life as a Patient". I wrote today's blog in that format. It would mean a lot more editing than I would like but it makes sense and would give me more room for exploring emotions. It also would help to alleviate some of the "preachiness" contained in some of the chapters.

Any opinions would be very much appreciated!

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OB Doctor said...

I still think you should call it "sick girl speaks" because it is so catchy. I also think you should combine your writings into sections: either temporally (life before transplant; transplant; life after transplant, etc); or, dealings with different people (self, family, spouse, doctors, other patients, nurses).