Friday, May 25, 2007

Shrink Talk

A few people have asked how my talk went yesterday. It was fun fun fun. Anybody out there need a speaker? I'm cheap and have a flexible schedule! :)

I love sharing my story and am continually amazed at how much people are affected by it. Before every talk, I am filled with nerves and doubt. I convince myself that I am silly to do talks...what do I have to say that could possibly be of interest to anyone else? After the talk, however, I am filled with confidence and ready for more. My confidence dissipates in a few hours, though, and by my next talk I am back to thinking I have nothing worth listening to. I have learned now to accept this doubt as part of my process. It shows up every time.

One of the best parts about doing my talks, at this moment in time, is the feedback. Every time I walk away, I am able to think of more things I need to put in my book. Yesterday was no exception. The shrinks had so many interesting comments that I have thought of several more chapters that need to be written. Every time I think I'm nearly done with this thing, I create another 5 chapters that need done. Last week I had about 7 more to go. This week, I have 17. I'll never finish at this rate! :)

Thanks for all of your support!

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