Friday, September 7, 2007

Out with a bang!

This has been a topsy-turvy week. I have been overwhelmed with the list of things I need to do to get my name out there and start booking some gigs.

I had a meeting with someone about doing a CF workshop and realized that I won't be able to do workshops for my fellow genetically challenged peeps at all! There are strict rules about allowing CFers in a room together as they may pass certain bacteria to each other. That sincerely makes me sad and, on a selfish note, ruins lots of plans I had to book workshops with the big CF organizations. I was feeling pretty discouraged yesterday.

Today, however, I booked a speaking engagement with the hospital--I'll be talking to hospital chaplains in residency. So cool. That made me feel good.

It's the end of week one and the calender is beginning to fill up. I have Psychiatry Grand Rounds and a Pain forum this month. Next month I have the Chaplain talk. Woven throughout, I have 3 really cool grant proposals I'm a part of that hopefully will get funded. I also have a community pet memorial service I'm planning for November.

I'm starting to see that the bulk of my "gigs" have been within the medical/caregiver community. I think I'll focus more energy in that direction next week.

All in all, this has been a scary week that ended on an exciting BANG!
Can't wait to see what's coming next week!


Jen! said...

Good news on the new gigs! Maybe for CF stuff you could somehow do live tele-conferences? No germ sharing, just information sharing. :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on the gigs! I was actually going to suggest what Jen did, about doing a live television conference, it seems safe enough!