Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I forgot I had a blog. Seriously. Sadly. For real.

I have been so busy the nagging thought in the corner of my mind that tells me to blog just up and went on vacation.

Working on 2 big grants for next year in between speaking engagements and other projects. Oh, yea, and trying to have a life and spend time with hubs. Haven't even seen my family in weeks! (Unless you count the ones who show up at my workshops:)

Not complaining, just explaining.

I am working really hard to not be stressed by all that is going on. I am trying that "stay in the now" thing and so far, I'm doing pretty well. I am trying not to say to myself "I am so busy" but instead just focus on one task at a time. That's all I capable of anyway so why bother projecting myself into the future and worrying about it now. How Zen of me, huh?

Anyhoo. Sorry I forgot about my blog for a minute. I'll be back in full force after this week. (I hope)

In the meantime, I provided you with an awww photo above. Two of our friends came to visit and brought their Greyhound, Twilight. She is so sweet and, after some snarls and growls, Emily decided she was sweet too. I think Emily actually recognized the family resemblance! Emma being a Whippet, she was a miniature version of Twilight and would often walk back and forth underneath Twilight's belly. It cracked us up. Hence, the photo above.

With love and Gratitude!


Christy said...

That's definitely an awww photo. :)

So glad you will be back to more blogging soon. You sure are one busy woman... you make me tired just reading your posts. :)

What an inspiration you are!!!!!!!

SeaSpray said...

Very cute and definite aww. :)