Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Hurts!

So, I tried out the old stand up comedy thing last week. Ouchy. Me not so goody.

It's way harder than it looks...and it looks really hard to me! I think some people are just born with that kind of "set up, stick a joke" brain. I am not, apparently.

Don't worry, I'm not mad at myself. I know there's a possibility I will get better with practice. There's also a possibility that I will learn a productive lesson about my weaknesses! That would be ok too. Right now, I'm just a wide-eyed child in a world of comedy wonder where the people are 10 feet tall and I have no idea if I will ever grow up that big. It's a real fish out of water thing and I like it. It's shaking up my insides.

So, I go again tonight. Last week, I didn't really do much with the health jokes. Mostly I just went for the obvious and made fun of my town, the people in it etc. Tonight, I'm going in with some health jokes. I may have someone tape it. Not because I'm gonna rock but because I think it would be entertaining to watch a non-comedian try to do comedy. Or would it just be painful??

Either way, I haven't decided if I'm gonna let someone tape it yet. If I do, I may just upload it to the blog tomorrow. See, that's how much I love you guys...

Until then, face your fears and do something that makes you want to puke. (Misery loves company, and I'd like some right about now!)

And speaking of videos, I now have a Mac and am attempting to edit my 2 talks "Life in the Death Bed" and "The Permanent Me". I'll let you know when I get those up and on my website.


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Sarah said...

Face your fears and do something that makes you want to puke ... I'm right there with you! Political canvassing made me literally break out in a cold sweat the first time I did it. But it's something I believe in, so I did it anyway, then did it again, a lot of times. By now, well I wouldn't call it my favorite thing, but I can do it without sweating. Unless it's hot out.