Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Are the Change

We are scared and tired
But we are not alone

We are lost and confused
But there is a map

We feel weak and sick
But there is still strength

Within each of us the power to forgive
Within each of us is the power to lead

It is time to stop expecting perfection
And embrace the humanity

It is time to take our place at the top of the hierarchy
And ask for the hands of our leaders

Look to the hearts and minds of our professionals
Invite them walk with us as we find our way through the maze

It is time for us to be strategic in our chaos
Embrace our role as teacher

It is time for us to be a partner
It is time for us to be a part of a team

Patients, families and loved ones
The time has come

Let's find our voice
And take our place

We are the change

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