Monday, April 30, 2007

Let’s Name this Thing!

I don’t have time for a big post today. But, you know what? It’s your turn anyway!

By now, those of you who have read this blog get the gist of what I’m doing here. I need to put a title on this bad boy ‘cause pretty soon I’ll be shopping for publishers. I have a few in my pocket but would love an internet brain-storming session anyway.

Here are the ones so far:

My husband came up with “Memoirs of a Gusher; My Life as a Patient”

I like that one but I’m concerned that some people won’t get it…

I came up with: “Here’s a Rope…You’re Gonna Need It”

And “Spilling My Guts; A Patient Perspective”

and "Medical Maze; My Life as a Patient"

Now it’s your turn! If I pick yours, I’ll send you the first autographed copy…how’s that for a motivation!? If that’s not enough, I’ll also put you in the acknowledgments…

How can you pass up this opportunity??

In case you’re wondering, I have sent my manuscript to one publishing house…just for funzies. I got my rejection letter last week. At first I was sad and felt all deflated but very quickly I realized that I am so much more legit now. All writers have their rejection letter stories and I have begun to collect mine! How Cool!!

Thanks for all of your continued support!


Dr. David said...

Congratulations on getting to the place where you're ready to send your manuscript in to publishers/agents!

For a title, I would encourage you to use the same title as your blog, "Sick Girl Speaks". I think it's creative, short, attention grabbing--it just works in my opinion.

Megan said...

I agree with OB. I thought you had something else. . . i don't remember what it was though. Hm. . . Crap I can't remember. Anyway. It's too late for me to be smart right now.

Dr. David said...

One additional thought: I'm sure you're aware that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that physicians offer pregnant patients a test to see if they (and the father of the baby) are carriers for CF, and if they are both carriers, that amniocentesis be offered, and that if the mom is carrying a fetus affected by CF, that termination be offered. I don't know what your thoughts are about this issue, but potentially your title could relate to this issue. Just a thought.

Peebs said...

Breathe In / Breathe Out: A Sick Girl Speaks

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