Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me and My Mistakes

It has been brought to my attention that this blog and by translation, my book, has many grammatical errors. I realize this and I am sorry to those of you who find it distracting.
I am what you might call a "creative type" and when I write, my focus is on expressing myself, not using the correct syntax. I'm not justifying or defending that, just stating the facts!
I have already arranged for my work to be edited by someone who will overhaul my writing and make sure that it isn't so messy when I send it in to publishers. I won't be sending that to her until I have more material, however.
Thank you to those who have pointed out my errors and please bear with me and all my many mistakes...

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NoRib said...

I have a phrase when I either misspell or mis-speak :) it's "But you understand what I'm saying"

Anyone who is distracted from this blog by missing the whole point of your blog (one of the few I have bookmarked). Forget about them. Love your writing and blog..keep trucking..and leave the editing for the editors :)

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