Thursday, October 11, 2007

Losing Sleep

Good news! My book is now available online!

In about 3 weeks my book will also be available from my website.
If you choose to buy from me, your book will be autographed and I will get a much bigger percentage of the proceeds.

Starting in January, 2008 I will be hosting a different non-profit for three months at a time. During that time, when you buy the book off of my website 10% of what I earn will be donated to that non-profit. The first non-profit to participate in this promotion will be one close to my heart, Project Compassion. I have several other non-profits in mind for this project. If you would like to submit a non-profit to participate, please send me an email at

Here's the part that kept me up last night...there are mistakes in this book. My sister already found a typo in the first 10 pages! Proof reading is not my thing. That's why I hired an editor. I somehow even managed to miss her corrections to my mistakes! When you read this book and you see mistakes, will it diminish the value for you? Will you understand that this was a self-published book limited to all of what that means?

It makes me nervous to know that there are people out there who take grammar and punctuation very seriously and are disgusted and nearly offended by errors. There are those of us, like me, who barely notice things like that. Then there is everyone in the middle. I would hate for my message to be lost because my book is less than perfect. Do you think I have anything to worry about? Should I continue to lose sleep or just get over it?

When you do find mistakes, I would love it if you could send me an email. I will be keeping track of the errors and when I have enough money for a reprint, I will fix them...perhaps that will accompany more chapters and be called a second edition. We'll see!


Femail doc said...

I just finished Lisey's Story by Stephen King (my guilty pleasure along with Cadbury milk chocolate bars and Taco Bell mexican pizzas), and there were typos in that! Don't worry, your message shines through.

Sarah said...

I think it depends on the context. In a book from an academic publisher, or a book that's presented as serious literature, I would be seriously put off by typos. In a more casual book (like most nonfiction) it only bothers me if it makes the sentence confusing or hard to read.

Connie said...

No problem here. I'm nit picky and find typos in lots of books. Yours won't bother me in the least. Can't wait to see that book!