Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pet memorial

We had the community pet memorial service this past Sunday.
Is it wrong that I had fun?
It was just so wonderful to gather with fellow animal lovers and tell stories and cry about the ones we've loved and lost.
It was such a sweet day.
I'm so glad we did it and hope we can do it again.

I have uploaded my part of the service to my website: click here
Be warned, it's a little weird, I'm still trying to figure out my editing software...

Here's a link to the article about it: Chapel Hill News

Don't you just love your pets??
Don't you think all sick people should have a pet of some sort? Even if it's just a goldfish? (No offense to the "just" goldfish...)

Have a great Tuesday!


Femail doc said...

Alright Tiff, I'm sending Ninja the cat to you. The moment I put your podcast on and you started to speak, she woke up from a deep sleep in a patch of sun, roared onto my lap and started purring like a crazy feline. I was moved by your words, she moved to your voice. Now she's back to sleep on my lap, and of course I'm stuck at the computer!

Nice tribute, nice speaking voice.

Jen! said...

I absolutely adore my 2 babies and dread the day I ever have to say goodbye. I would listen to your tribute, but I'm not in the mood for crying right now. :)

Tif said...

Denver Doc, that is so cute about your cat...but please don't send her to me, I'm allergic! :)

Jen, I so understand that sentiment but, fyi, my talk was sort of the comic relief part. There was a wonderful chaplain who spoke before me and made everybody cry. I tried to be more of the "celebrate the bond" part. That doesn't mean you should listen to it, just wanted to put that out there! I wouldn't say this talk would make you cry...

Jill said...

Animals are awesome... At times where I am stressed or sad or just can't sleep (like now), the thought of my girls just makes me smile.

I'm glad that folks in the medical community seem more aware of this these days. My father was in the hospital a few weeks back and a volunteer came in with her dog for a visit. My dad is not a huge animal person but he even pet the dog- and we all enjoyed a smile and some laughs.