Sunday, November 11, 2007

Updates and Stuff

Well, things continue to move along!
I am focusing a lot of my energy right now on getting some publicity for my little book. I'm self-published, so it's me or nobody!!

I had a radio and newspaper interview this past week. So strange! I thought I would be so cool with it but I got really nervous and felt so much pressure! I had to say something really interesting--I was being quoted or taped!! Well, I'll find out just how goofy I sounded tomorrow--the radio interview will air in the morning. I'll link the podcast so you too can hear my goofy answers.

Otherwise, I'm plugging along trying to convince people to crack the spine of Sick Girl Speaks! So far, once people start reading it the response is great--the trouble is convincing them to take it for a spin around the block.

Wanna try an experiment? There is a radio show here called "The State of Things." The basic idea is to have guests from North Carolina tell their story. I have a story to tell, right? Well, I have sent them my book and no response. I have emailed them and no response. A woman I know has emailed them and no response. What do you think would happen if my blogging buddies emailed them too? Would it make me look like a star or a real annoying jerk?

Email campaigns are all the rage! I'd like to see what happens. Here's the email address for the show:
If you feel so inclined, shoot them an email and tell them how utterly fascinating I am! :) Maybe it will get me on the show. Maybe I'll be blackballed. Either way, we'll know!

Also, check out my website--I'm on an uploading frenzy and have put up a new video, a few podcasts and will be putting up more podcasts this week.

Hope you are all having a lazy Sunday, just like me and my Whippet!! :)


Femail doc said...

Have sent an e-mail to the old sots at wunc.

Jill said...

Me, too.

...said the firefly to the hurricane said...


Have you tried putting in a call straight to UNC Radio? Just a thought. If you want, I can stand out in front of the station with you and sing songs of protest until they give you some air time! Again, just a thought :)