Sunday, June 29, 2008

Short Explanation for "Silly Magazine Covers"

Hi! In August, I will be doing a one woman show for the CFRI Conference in California. (Thank you to Ana and Isa for making that happen!)

I have been working on it a lot this weekend. I will tell you more about it later but I wanted to share some of the visuals I have created...see the "magazine covers" below!

In short, the theme of the show is about how some CFers might feel bad about themselves when they compare their bodies to those of celebrities and other style icons. In the part with these pics, I am fantasizing about a day when the parts of having CF will be high fashion and revered...

For those who have read my book or this blog, you have probably already guessed that, in this play, I come around to love myself for who I am, discover I am not illness and get in touch with The Permanent Me.

This will be my first "performance," as opposed to a talk, since long before my first transplant. I am mucho excited.

I.V. Diva is the next magazine cover to come...keep an eye out.
Happy New Week!! :)