Sunday, January 20, 2008

Defining My Role

Well, I had a most exciting day this week--I did an interview with Joe and Terry Graedon who have the popular NPR show "The People's Pharmacy."

I can't really tell you how I did. I know I was nervous and I know there were things I thought of later that I wish I had said. I doubt, however, there will ever be an interview in which I say everything perfectly.

There were many wonderful things about the interview--the top of the list had to be meeting Joe and Terry. They are so kind and such pros!

Second on the list, though, was that talking about my book and my work in that way allowed me to diver deeper into the specifics of what my mission really is. Sure, I didn't say it on air, but I'll say it now! :)

I am an optimistic realist. My goal is to look at things (this system, my role as a patient etc.) as honestly as possible and then find strategies to make it better. I am not a politician: I have no desire to change the laws or get involved in system changes. Likewise, I am not a Pollyanna: I have no desire to sugar-coat things and tell everyone it all will be ok.

What I do have a desire is to take my experience and turn into practical "how-to" advice for patients and families. I desire to learn more about "the other side of the curtain" so I can bridge the gap between patient and professional.

I continue to define my role more and more everyday.
I thank Joe and Terry Graedon for an opportunity to do it through talking with them!!

I'll let you know when I find out the air date for my interview!

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