Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Giving Back in 2008

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to announce a new program I have developed for 2008.

Every two months, I will be picking an important cause--one I personally believe in. During the two months this non-profit or charity is the focus, for any paperback book you buy, that worthy cause will be getting a portion of the proceeds.

Now, you have one more reason to buy Sick Girl Speaks!

January and February's focus is on a very special non-profit: Project Compassion!
Check out the details on my website:

Health and Happiness to you in 2008!!


Julia said...

HI - I just wanted to say that i read your review of the other book "sick girl" . Your thoughts were what I was thinking when I read it. I too have lived with debilitating illness for more than twenty years and know how difficult it is...but I was astounded by Amy's self pitying tone throughout- there was no insight- no growth! I am going to buy your book. I too am writing a book about my life.

Bless you- look forward to reading your story!


Rach said...

Hi Tiff,

Long time no 'speak'. Just wanted to wish you happy new year. Haven't seen you over at my blog for a while, but that's probably because you're soo freaking busy with your book!!!

All the best.

Tiffany said...

Hi Julia!
Thank you so much.
I hope you enjoy my book.
I would love any feedback you'd be willing to share!

Also, please keep me in the loop on the progress of your book! May I be so bold as to suggest blogging it as you go? It sure inspired me to keep going--this blog is the reason my book exists!! Just my 2 cents! :)

Take Care, my Illness Sister! (I mean that warmly)

Jen! said...

a. That is awesome you are doing this. And b. I absolutely LOVE that pic of you! Beautiful.